Pop Culture…

It’s that iPhone that you carry near you like an appendage, it’s that new trendy hair cut you got to resemble a famous celebrities, it’s the number one song on the radio, and it’s that new romantic comedy that you went to go see last night. Popular culture is all around us and it comes in many different forms. From the advertisements and commercials we see every day to social networking sites on the web, to cultures and cultural forms.

It crosses over many medias; Film, Music, Advertising, Television, and the Web. And it also coincides with issue topics in these medias such as; Race, Gender, Class, Sexuality, and Cultural Traditions.

Popular culture is significant because it pretty much influences every thing we do. From the restaurant we frequently eat at to the clothes we put on our back. Think about how many times you have bought something you saw in a commercial or in a music video. Or how about that romantic comedy you saw last week, think about how it might have changed you perspective on love.

It’s a stronger force than you think…



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