“Hooters, Abercrombie, & Hollister Oh My!” cont…

Basically they weren’t really hiring people of color, African Americans, Latin Americans, and Asian Americans didn’t fit their look. I found an article on CBSNews.com and this same issue. Take a look at the case of Jennifer Lu, a former employee of a Costa Mesta store.

“All-American doesn’t mean all-white,” says Jennifer Lu, a student at University of California, Irvine, and a former salesperson at a Costa Mesa, Calif., store. Lu and several other young people say they couldn’t get a job, or were fired because their look was not consistent with the store’s look.

“It’s dominated by Caucasian, football-looking, blonde-hair, blue-eyed males; skinny, tall,” says Lu. “You don’t see any African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and that’s the image that they’re portraying and that they’re looking for.”

Liu says she was fired after corporate officials visited the store, and, according to her, didn’t like what they saw: “A corporate official had pointed to an Abercrombie poster and told our management at our store, ‘You need to have more staff that looks like this.’ And it was a white Caucasian male on that poster.”

Circling back to Hooter’s, many employees have faced discrimination once they get hired. Many report that there was a push for keeping down weight and looking made up at work. Take a look at Cassie Smith’s story.

Smith, of Roseville, was the first woman to challenge Hooters when she filed the lawsuit on May 24.Smith said that during an employee evaluation she was told by the corporate office via teleconference that she was in danger of losing her job because of the fit of her uniform.Smith said she was complimented on her attitude and customer service skills, but that during her uniform evaluation the women mentioned that her shirt and short size could use some improvement.

So they were pretty much telling her that she was fat and she needed to lose weight, else she would lose her job.

That is messed up…


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