“Felines & Barbies.”

The world of plastic surgery. A place where one can completely change their entire identity if they chose. Don’t like your nose? You can get a smaller one. Want to lose some fat? Get liposuction. Want fuller lips? Collagen is you best friend. Like cats? Become…a cat?

Over the years cosmetic surgery has developed and progressed into a billion dollar industry gaining new advancements as plastic surgeons discover new technologies and techniques. Of course plastic surgery is not strictly cosmetic. It is used as reconstructive surgery to parts of the body that have suffered some type of extensive damage (like deterioration from an infection or burns). But that is for another day.

Women are the leading consumers, so to speak, of cosmetic surgery. Among the most popular are breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, and lip enhancement. But some women go to the extremes. Take for instance Sarah Burge, also known as the “Real Life Barbie”.

Sarah Burge Photo

Sarah Burge is a former Playboy bunny who began her passion for plastic when she was attacked, beaten, and left for dead. Having to have reconstructive surgery on her face began the plastic surgery process to becoming a real life Barbie. She has had over 100 procedures that add up to $250,000 to make her self look as close as possible to our plastic icon of childhood. **

If you ask me it looks utterly ridiculous. But in her mind it’s gorgeous. Not only that, she continues to have more and more cosmetic surgery. “It’s addictive” she says. Sad thing is, there are several women who suffer from plastic surgery addiction. I believe a big cause of this (which I talked about in a earlier post) is the pressures of perfection placed on women. The obsession over being slim, the obsession over being young, the obsession over being beautiful.

Media isn’t the only source of pressure. Women in relationships can be pressured or think that they need to do what they can to stay in a relationship. We’ve all heard of women getting Botox to look younger or breast augmentation to get that desired perkiness. But this Jocelyn Wildenstein takes the cake.

"Now that's what I call the cat's meow..."

The first picture in the first row is what she looked like before her plastic surgeries. Honestly, she wasn’t a bad looking lady at all. The last picture in the first row is what she looks like now…the Simba from the Disney film The Lion King. As the story goes, she went rampant with plastic surgery after fearing her millionaire husband would leave her.* Get this…she knew he loved cats, so she decided to get plastic surgery so she would resemble one. The crazy things people do for love! But unfortunately this story doesn’t have a happy ending; he divorced her.

The sad part is that this is pretty much irreversible. It’s quite mind boggling what people will do for love or to be ‘beautiful’. Guess Jocelyn’s is a face only a  mother could love.


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