"Jessica Rabbit"

The above picture is a known video model, Melyssa Ford. She is known by many other names but the most popular is Jessica Rabbit. She got this name for her uncanny resemblance in build to Jessica Rabbit, the voluptuous femme in the 1988 feature film Who Framed Roger Rabbit?. Although she is one of the most known video models over the years, she isn’t the only one with a ridiculously curvy, perfect body. In almost any hip-hop or R&B video you can see at least ONE video girl who is built similarly if not even more shapely.

But a Lil Wayne video isn’t the only venue where you’d see a perfect body. Magazines, advertisements, and clothing lines use these “heavenly bodies” as well to promote their products, line, etc. From Vogue and Marie Claire to Gucci and Louis Vuitton, you can see very slim and tone beautiful models.

Now to my point. This idea of ‘perfection’ is (as much as you might say you are a non conformist) is pushed into the minds of women, especially young women and teens. Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror at any time and thought, “I wish I had..” or “I wish my ____ weren’t so ____” or “Why can’t I look more like ____”? I can only imagine how many women think these thoughts everyday, with the barrage of Victoria Secret commercials every 5 seconds and every magazine cover having a variation of Megan Fox, Beyonce, or Jessica Alba next to workout and dieting tips. Not to mention the popular addition numerous beauty tips and ways to look younger.

There seems to be a progressing obsession with looking like celebrities and models Women push the limits on their physical aspects to mimic what they see advertised as beautiful. The most disturbing issue with this is the lengths that women will go to look or be shaped a certain way (plastic surgery).

One thing that many aren’t aware of is the extreme photoshopping that is done to many of the pictures they see in the media, take this photo for instance:


"They even changed the color of the bra and panty set!"

As you can probably tell this model has been “shaved” down to be slender, toned, smooth, and even TANNED! So if you think about it, what these women are trying to emulate is not even…real? They even do camera tricks and use advanced makeup techniques (increased with the invention of high definition television) to make celebrities and models looks their absolute best. Ever noticed a skinny channel? Every one and everything looks lean and tall? Its a resolution trick. Guess we have all been fooled.

In a nutshell the most important issue is the affect on the perspectives of young girls. This commercial by Dove explains it all:

Hmmm…makes you think doesn’t it?

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